Exploration Seismology at it’s Finest:
MACI Bridges Scholarly Research with Petroleum Industry

University of Alberta researcher Dr Mauricio Sacchi is breaking new ground in exploration seismology. Sacchi’s research focus on seismic imaging and inversion plays an important role in the oil and gas industry since new developments in high-resolution imaging save time and money for industrial exploits. Working in collaboration with industrial leaders like Geo-X Ltd, PanCanadian Petroleum, Veritas GeoServices and the Schlumberger Foundation, Sacchi’s research group has been able to test seismic imaging development directly increasing interest generated in the oil and gas field.

At this time, Sacchi and his colleagues are developing new imaging and signal processing algorithms. They are trying to further improve the resolution and quality of seismic images. Use of high-resolution methods to detect the spatial distribution of hydrocarbon bearing formations will lead to substantial industry savings and enable the accurate investigation of potential oil and gas exploration sites. The successful development of signal processing and imaging algorithms also play a significant role in addressing fundamental problems in crustal and upper mantel seismology.

Sacchi and his group rely heavily on the computing capabilities of MACI. Developing algorithms to image seismic data is computationally intensive. This research continually demands systems with extensive memory and storage capabilities and the parallel processing offered through MACI provides the confidence to carry out these research equations.

The MACI infrastructure enables the successful development of high-resolution seismic images, which heavily influence the development of realistic elastic 3D seismic inversions. These inversions require high-end systems with the capability of processing terabytes of data. MACI is essential for research in this direction.


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