Telehealth Research Initiatives

Dr. Penny Jennett of the University of Calgary is recognized as a world leader for her expertise in telehealth, health telematics, health informatics and health education. She has coordinated health learning enhancement initiatives utilizing technology and she is an advocate for health research and industrial collaborations.

Currently, Dr. Jennett’s research examines the effects of enabling technologies on health, health care and health services. Through her research Jennett has encountered and compiled research data on technology enabled health solutions. Seventeen research projects (international, national, and local) in four telehealth domains (clinical, learning, technical, and policy) are currently conducted within her program area. Through her research, Jennett hopes to be able to promote efficient and high quality telehealth enabled solutions to current identified needs in health, health care, and health information sectors.

One aspect of Jennett’s scholarly work, i.e. that which requires bringing clinical and learning multimedia objects from shared servers to end-users within health environments, requires the sustainability of high performance computational and multimedia resources like MACI. The direct links to the MACI team of researchers and their technological expertise greatly strengthens the equality and validity of such research.

Selected Publications:

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