MACI Resources Help Reduce Pollution in Catalytic Combustion Project

A researcher at the University of Alberta is exploring new dimensions of catalytic combustion. Dr Robert Hayes, in collaboration with industrial stakeholders, is developing new design methodologies for automotive catalytic converters.  Spearheading what is becoming the most advanced research group in the world in this area, Hayes is pushing the envelope in computer-based catalytic converter design and modelling.

Catalytic combustion is being used to burn components under milder conditions that exist in standard homogenous combustion. In primary combustion applications, fuels are burned at lower temperatures and thus fewer emissions of nitrogen oxides are produced. In secondary applications, pollutants such as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are burned to form carbon dioxide and water thus reducing pollution levels.

Hayes’ catalytic converter will ultimately benefit society as a whole. Environmentally, the reduction of harmful emissions, especially from vehicle exhaust will be greatly reduced. This new computer based design will also prove to have more long-term effectiveness. Currently, automobile catalytic converters tend to cease functioning after a few years, but with this design, the converter’s functionality will be long term.

Support from large-scale computing resources is a critical component of Hayes’ research. 

MACI provides the capabilities to support this intensive parallel system and algorithm research.

Selected Publications

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