Multimedia/Visualization Resources at the University of Alberta

Active Multimedia Environment

This facility has a three-camera digital imaging system (running on Windows NT) for support of research focusing on developing algorithms which underpin uses of multimedia in health, sports, design, and education/training.

Location - RIMS Institute, Computing Science Building

Contact: David Epp 


The VizRoom is an immersive 3D environment that supports research into 3D visualization and interactive 3D graphics. The room uses three projectors/three walls to present images generated by an SGI Oynx2 computer. While in the VizRoom, the position and orientation of the user is tracked, so the projected images correspond to the user's current point of view. Some applications use ster
eo graphics which require the user to wear stereo glasses.

 Location: Computing Science Building

 Contact: Rob Lake

Anthropology VisLab

This image processing facility is used for visualization projects in areas such as forensic anthropology, archaeology and GIS. The lab contains an 800 MHz Pentium III, a 500 MHz Power Mac G4, an Epson 1600 flatbed scanner, and software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and ARCviewGIS

Location: Tory Building, sub-basement

Contact: Jenaya Webb

Digital Video and Animation Facility

This facility is used for research and development related to the effects of multimedia instruction on learning. It includes a non-linear digital video editing suite (running on a Power Mac G4), two Pentium III animation workstations, and a flatbed scanner. Supported software includes After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Illustrator, Sony Media Convertor, and Polytrans conversion software.

Location: Technology in Education, 3-102C Education North

Contact: Prof. Craig Montgomerie

GIS Processing and Visualization Lab

This facility is used to research and develop methodologies for processing and visualizing large GIS databases over the Internet. The lab includes a Pentium III NT server (550 MHz, with 272 GB storage), the ESRI MapObjects 2.0 software suite, and the Oracle 8 relational database system.

Location: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Tory Building

Contact: Prof. Arturo Sanchez-Azofeifa

Landscape Visualization Environment

This facility supports research into the visualization and animation of landscapes. Equipment in the lab includes an 866 MHz Pentium III running Windows NT, an HP ScanJet 6300c color flatbed scanner, and a camera with GPS geo-referencing capabilities. Supported software includes the  ERDAS Imagine visualization suite, the ENVI with River Tools data visualization system, and IKONO satellite imagery.

Location: Renewable Resources, General Services Building

Contact: Prof. Jeff Thurston

Map Scanner and Digital Camera

This facility is used for digital capture of maps and artwork. It is comprised of a large-format color map scanner (Contex Magnum 8050) and a high-definition digital camera (Vistek with Lightsource Studio).

Location: Museums and Collections Services, Ring House #1

Contact: Leslie-Latta Guthrie

Stratasys Genisys 3D Printer

This device generates 3D polyester models from 2D CAD files, for both theoretical and applied research in areas such as architecture, engineering, medicine, and art and design.

Location: Art and Design, Industrial Design Studio

Contact: Prof. Robert Lederer