University of Calgary

Dr Penny Jennett is known at Canadian, North American, and international levels for her expertise in telehealth, health telematics, health informatics, and health education. The Canadian Network for the Advancement of Research, Industry, and Education (CANARIE) has recognized Dr Jennett for her contributions to the early development of Canada's Information Highway. At the University of Calgary, she chaired a research group for seven years, served a term in senior administration, and was involved in leading a submission for a National Network of Centres of Excellence in Telehealth. She chaired the Implementation Team for the Alberta Telehealth Initiative; co-chaired the U of C Learning Enhancement Envelope for three years and serves as the Vice-chair for the Board of Netera. Dr. Jennett is a founding member of the Canadian Society of Telehealth and currently serves as Vice-President and Treasurer. Dr Jennett is the Project Leader (in collaboration with Health Canada, Industry Canada, CANARIE, and CST) for the EU-Canada Collaboration on Health Telematics Initiative.